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Tales from the Maze
Tales from the Maze

Tales from the Maze

Download the onesheet for Tales from the Maze

Download cover art entitled Under the Sun by talented pixelpusher Björne H
- 800 x 600 size or
- 1024 x 768 pixels.

Face of Time

We're on Facebook now, with timely info about what's going on in the Maze, fun contests, and some great quotes from our fans out there!
[Take me to Maze's FP page]

----------- Interviews

Cool interview with Robert I, on main Prog Archives website by Torodd Fugelsteg of Scotland.

Early band interview by Sergio Vilar at Progressive Rock webzine Nucleus

----------- Onesheets & downloads

Download the onesheet for 'Tales from the maze' other goodies for your PC and phone

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----------- Myspace

And yes, despite our constant flirting with the golden years, we do have a Myspace page, thanks for asking :-)

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Tales from the Maze