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Tales from the Maze
Tales from the Maze

A run-down on Tales from the Maze

Robert had it all figured out, in one of his clear-headed goes

"Tales..." A sonic collage made by Mikael Lundin and myself, it’s like a prelude and tells a bit of what is yet to come, like a eerie trailer (laughs).

"Here And Now" is a happy suite, a piece with a sentimental touch in the lyrics, a man reflecting about the past and living his normal every day life, always running against time, trying too much, then suddenly capturing those moments of play. I really like the instrumental section with an almost "Bach like" feel in the harmonies. And the rock ‘n roll riff in 5/4 really kicks ass! [play]

"Distant Tomorrow" Well, I often think about the songs like short movies or novels and distant is really the essence of that i think, the main character longing to travel back home to his galaxy, his time machine is now ready to go but his thoughts are all up on this gorgeous earthen woman, a cosmic love story (laugh). I really like the dark and misty arrangement on this, very dynamic and groovy the keyboards in the middle section is awesome creating a colorful and dreamy journey for the timetraveler. [play]

"Ocean Of Dreams", this one has got that "epic" feel of older symf/prog band with the mellotron and staccato rhythm beginning, it’s a classic man vs. machine story were the hard and dissonant parts plays the role of machines and the softer more female parts are man (did you get that?). It’s great fun to play and very meditative towards the end - or is it the beginning? [play]

"Daydreamer" has former band member Christer singing lead and telling the story of this jester like person who sits under his favorite tree and thinking about a long lost love/friend and falls a sleep and dreams this short kind of road movie. The rhythm section really shines on this one, the middle section is almost a Yes tribute with the fast 7/8 on top of it, great fun to play that part. [play]

"Lady May" has certain relation to Alex’s poem found behind the CD in the jewelcase. You see the girl of your dreams in every woman you meet. Spring is here and all the flowers shoot out of the ground, time to rejoice and dance. But who is the wonderful babe behind those sunglasses? [play]

"The Maze" How do you come clean with the past, draw a line and start afresh? The song tells us that everything might just be within your reach, The golden time could well be right here and now, and all you have to is to stand up erect - preferably naked - and say so aloud for everyone to hear. This track was first more west-coast and less intriguing, but got an entire makeover one wet week-end at Thomas' county home. And there you are – things may start out worse than they look, partly referring to the kick ass intro of this track. [play]

Under The Sun" Wow, kind of the entire album in one track, truly a worthy finally. Our man is crawling back to life; he’s taken his fake persona mask off and faces the world in its true light. It’s been hard times, but he’s back to take a stand. [play]

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Tales from the Maze